Authentic Street food BBQ Experience

Authentic Street food BBQ Experience

Dive into Ninh Binh’s Street BBQ adventure! Savor endless grilled delights – pork, chicken, beef – paired with fresh salads and veggies. An English-speaking guide enhances your evening with local lore, making your dining more than just a meal. It’s a vibrant exploration of culture and cuisine. Secure your spot for this unforgettable, flavor-packed night under the stars of Ninh Binh!

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Immerse Yourself in Ninh Binh’s Authentic Street BBQ Experience – All you can eat!

Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the flavors of Ninh Binh with our Street BBQ Night! This isn’t just a meal; it’s an all-you-can-eat banquet that lets you dive deep into the local culinary landscape, all while being accompanied by an English-speaking guide who will enrich your dining with captivating tales and insights about Ninh Binh’s culture.

Your Sumptuous BBQ Menu

Prime Selections of Meats

– Juicy Pork
– Tender Chicken
– Flavorful Beef

Vibrant Salads and Fresh “Rouwkost”

Indulge in a variety of fresh, colorful salads and raw vegetable sides, perfect for complementing your BBQ feast.

Refreshing Beverages (additional cost)

Choose from an assortment of beers, soft drinks, and water to perfectly pair with your meal.


Enjoy this all-you-can-eat experience over 60-120 minutes, giving you plenty of time to savor the tastes and stories of Ninh Binh.

Our friendly English-speaking guide will assist you in navigating the menu and ensure you’re immersed in the local dining culture, making your experience both delightful and insightful.

Maximum duration: 2 hours.

Indulge in an array of meats and salads as much as you like, celebrating the rich culinary tradition of Ninh Binh in a warm, hospitable setting.

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