Ninh Binh Motorbike Tour with driver

Ninh Binh Motorbike Tour with driver

Ready for an unforgettable journey? Hop on the back of our motorbike and let us whisk you away to the wonders of Ninh Binh. No need to drive; just sit back, relax, and enjoy a personalized tour through Vietnam’s breathtaking landscapes. Adventure awaits—book your seat today!


Ninh Binh Motorbike Tour with driver

Discover Ninh Binh Your Way

Ready for an adventure that’s just yours? Tell us what you love, and we’ll craft a motorbike tour that ticks all your boxes. Don’t know where to start? Lean on us for the best spots in Ninh Binh, Tam Coc, and Trang An!

See Ninh Binh’s Best

Below, some suggestions, but you can choose the places to visit and the attractions yourself:

  • Quiet boat rides in Tam Coc’s rice fields
  • Time-traveling through Bai Dinh Pagoda’s temples
  • Wandering the magical caves of Trang An
  • Gazing over vistas from Hang Mua’s peak
  • Have lunch or dinner in the beautiful Thung Sen Tam Coc valley

A Day Just For You

Begin with the peace of Trang An’s rivers, sneak in a lunch, then step into Hoa Lu’s history. Top off your day with a sunset from Mua Cave.

Remember: This is just a start. We’ll build the day you dream of.

Your Ride, Your Rules

Join our skilled drivers for a backseat view, or lead the way on your own bike with our guide to show hidden gems and secret paths.

All Set for Adventure

We’ve got the gear, the bikes, and the local know-how. Just hop on, and let’s roll into a day of discovery and wonder!

Just You & the Road

Your trip is all-inclusive, except for meals and entry fees. We want you to taste and see Ninh Binh as you wish!

Ride with Confidence

With seasoned drivers, safety gear, and local insights, we promise ease and safety. Rain or shine, we’re ready. Need a rest? We’ve got you. Curious about local life? We’ll share it. Anything you need, just ask!

Up to 8 hours of pure fun & exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions: Ninh Binh Motorbike Tour

What does the motorbike tour include?
Your tour includes the motorbike ride, seasoned drivers, and safety gear. We aim to provide a seamless and safe experience, offering local insights and support throughout your journey.

What is not included in the tour?
Meals and entrance fees are not included. This gives you the flexibility to choose where and what you want to eat and which attractions you wish to enter.

How long is the motorbike tour?
Get ready for up to 8 hours of adventure and exploration around Ninh Binh. It’s a day packed with fun and discovery, starting and ending in Ninh Binh.

Can the driver assist with local recommendations?
Absolutely! Our drivers are not just there to ensure a safe ride; they’re also ready to share local insights, recommend spots, and assist with any questions you might have during the tour.

What about safety during the tour?
Safety is our top priority. You’ll be provided with essential safety gear, and our experienced drivers are trained to navigate Ninh Binh’s paths safely, ensuring you have a secure and enjoyable experience.

What happens in case of rain?
Rain or shine, our motorbike tour goes on! We’re equipped to handle different weather conditions to ensure you still have an enjoyable experience, come what may.

Is there flexibility for breaks or specific requests during the tour?
Definitely! Need a break? Curious about something along the way? Feel free to communicate with your driver. We’re here to accommodate your needs and make your tour as enjoyable as possible.

What can we include in our motorbike tour itinerary?
The choice is yours! You can craft your own itinerary or we can assist in creating one for you. For inspiration, consider the serene Trang An Boat Trip, the picturesque Tam Coc River Cruise, the rewarding climb to Mua Cave Lookout, the majestic Bai Dinh Pagoda, the mysterious Galaxy Grotto, the historic Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, the tranquil Bich Dong Pagoda, or the melodious Thung Nam Bird Park. There are plenty of wonders in Ninh Binh to fill your day with amazement! The driver can help you make the itinerary on the fly.

Got any other questions?

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