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Your guide in Ninh Binh, Tam Coc & Trang An

Rent a bicycle or Motorbike - Ninh Binh Tourist Center Vietnam

Rent a bicycle or Motorbike – Ninh Binh City

Explore the Ninh Binh area by bicycle or motorbike. 1 day (6am – 12pm) per day, per motorbike Bicycle 2,50 USD / 50.000 VND Motorbike (automatic) 6,50 USD / 150.000 VND Motorbike (manual) 5,50 USD / 120.000 VND Including 1 or 2 helmets. Excluding gasoline. Pick up and return at Camellia Hotel, Ninh Binh City…
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Rent a motorbike Ninh Binh Tourist Center

Rent motorbike – Tam Coc

Exploring Ninh Binh: The Ultimate Motorbike Adventure Ninh Binh, a picturesque region in Vietnam, is a haven for travelers seeking an authentic and adventurous experience. Among the best ways to explore this area is on a motorbike, which offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and a closer connection to the lush landscapes and rich culture…
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