Visa run / border run Vietnam Laos by car

Visa run / border run Vietnam Laos by car

Luxurious overland visa run with our reliable and experienced driver. Travel from Ninh Binh or Hanoi to Laos and back in just one day, all while riding in comfort in our high-end car. Book now for a hassle-free trip.


If you require a visa run or border run, driving to Laos by car is a recommended option, particularly when you’re situated in the northern region of Vietnam. It’s approximately 200 kilometers from Ninh Binh, totaling to 400 kilometers, which can be done in a single day. While some individuals opt to use a motorbike, it can be dangerous to navigate traffic, particularly if you’re exhausted from a prolonged drive.

The cost is determined per group, with a maximum of five people. You’ll travel in a comfortable seven-seat car with a skilled and dependable driver, and the car comes equipped with air conditioning.

The duration of the trip, including traffic and border wait times, will take roughly eight to eleven hours.

Please note that visa costs are not included, and you must arrange the visa for yourself. We’ll simply transport you to and from the border.

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