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Your guide in Ninh Binh, Tam Coc & Trang An

Bich dong pagoda Ninh Binh

Bich Dong Pagoda is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam. Located in the Tam Coc area, the pagoda is known for its stunning natural scenery and historical significance. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Bich Dong Pagoda and explore what makes it such a…
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Trang An Golf and Camping

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Mua Cave - Ninh Binh Tourist Center

Mua cave

Located in the northern province of Ninh Binh, Hang Mua (also known as Mua Cave) is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. The cave is named “Hang Mua” because the top of the mountain looks like a dancing dragon, and Mua means dance in Vietnamese. Hang Mua is a must-visit for those who want to…
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Bai Dinh Pagoda | Ninh Binh Tourist Center Vietnam

Bai Dinh temple

Bai Dinh Pagoda is one of the largest and most significant Buddhist sites in Vietnam. Located in the Ninh Binh province, Bai Dinh Pagoda is known for its intricate architecture, stunning natural scenery, and cultural significance. It is a popular destination for both religious pilgrimages and tourists seeking to explore the rich cultural heritage of…
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Countryside tour Ninh Binh Vietnam

Thien ha cave

Thien Ha Cave is one of the most breathtaking caves in Vietnam, located in Ninh Binh province. It is a part of the complex of Hoa Lu ancient capital and Tam Coc-Bich Dong scenic area, which is known as the “Ha Long Bay on land”. Thien Ha Cave is a popular destination for tourists who…
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Van Long wetland reserve Ninh Binh Tourist Center Vietnam

Van Long wetland natural reserve

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve is a stunning natural wonder located in the northern province of Ninh Binh, Vietnam. It is a protected area that is home to a vast array of flora and fauna, including some of the rarest and most endangered species in the world. The wetland is often referred to as the…
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Bird park Thung Nham - Ninh Binh Tourist Center

Bird park Thung Nham

Bird Park Thung Nham, located in the Ninh Binh province of Vietnam, is a popular destination for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. The park is situated amidst lush greenery and stunning limestone karsts, making it an idyllic location for bird spotting. Thung Nham Bird Park is home to over 40 species of birds, including several…
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Phat diem Cathedral | Ninh Binh Tourist Center

Phat Diem Cathedral

Phat Diem Cathedral, located in Ninh Binh province of Vietnam, is a remarkable architectural masterpiece and a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to this part of the world. The cathedral is also known as the “Stone Church” due to its unique construction using stone and wood. Built-in the late 19th century, the Phat Diem Cathedral…
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Cuc Phuong National Park Ninh Binh Tourist Center Vietnam

Cuc Phuong national park

Cuc Phuong National Park was officially opened in 1960 as the first national park in Vietnam. Cuc Phuong National Park is surrounded by several limestone cliffs, the highest being May Bac, meaning “silver cloud,” with a height of 656m. There are plenty of plants and mammals living in the park. There are an estimated 2,000…
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Tam Coc | Ninh Binh Tourist Center

Tam Coc boat trip

A boat trip across a river through a beautiful landscape between the mountains where parts of the film King Kong were filmed.Trang An and Tam Coc are known as the Ha Long Bay of the land. About 150 kilometers from the famous Vietnamese bay where hundreds of islands form a natural wonder is another equally…
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